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Stay tuned for the Covenant of the Wolf video! 

What We Do

  • Protect our Treaty areas
  • Educate the tribal members and youth on current environmental issues
  • Develop leaders in the environmental area for the next generation
  • Promote activism within our tribes
  • Empower tribal members to effect change
CURRENT PROJECT​- "Nimiipuu Canoe Project"
The Nimiipuu Canoe Project was the brainchild of a number of Nez Perce Tribal members and canoe carvers after much discussion on why we (Nez Perce) didn't have or discontinued carving our own canoes. The loss of the canoe in our culture seemed to be a major cultural issue and we felt that bringing the canoe back was something that is critical to our culture and being a part of this was a wonderful experience for all.  
Learn more about this healing journey...
We appreciate receiving your tax deductible donations to support the Nimiipuu Canoe Project!

Knowing that there is strength in numbers and a common vision, we connect with other groups in the region who are dedicated to protecting the environment.



We are a voice for the land, water and air. We gather to support positive environmental actions and to protest threats to our treaty, rights and sacred lands. We increase public awareness and encourage collective action.


Educate and Engage Youth


We organize and/or host events to educate and engage the public. We work with elders and the young to facilitate intergenerational awareness and responsibility to protect what is sacred to us. We develop environmental leaders for the coming generations.



Nimiipu Saving the Environment
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