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Inspiring Change


Knowing that there is strength both in numbers and a common vision, Nimiipuu connects with other groups in the region who are dedicated to protecting the environment.

We are a voice for the land, water and air. We gather to support positive environmental actions and to protest threats to our treaty, rights and sacred lands. Nimiipuu increases public awareness and encourage collective action.

Educate & Engage

Nimiipuu organizes and/or hosts events to educate and engage the public. We work with elders and the young to facilitate intergenerational awareness and responsibility to protect what is sacred to us. We attract and develop environmental leaders for the coming generations.

Our next major venture is the Lummi House of Tears Carvers bringing the Totem heading to WA DC part of the Red Road to DC journey July 15 Chief Timothy Park

Thank you Wingspan Media for your photo journaling of our work!

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