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September - October 2023 - All Our Relations Snake River Campaign

September - October 2023 - All Our Relations Snake River Campaign

When: September 23, 2023, through October 1, 2023 

Where: Multiple locations across Washington, Oregon, and Idaho

What: The All Our Relations Snake River Campaign is a two-week, Indigenous-led campaign traveling through the Northwest to bring attention to the urgent need to remove the four lower Snake River dams as part of a comprehensive solution to restore salmon to abundance and uphold our nation’s promises to Northwest Tribes. Join us to hear from Tribal leaders, join in ceremony, and stand in solidarity for their call to restore a free-flowing lower Snake River. Events will feature an 8-foot-in diameter steel sculpture, handcrafted for the journey by Lummi Nation members A. Cyaltsa Finkbonner and Master Carver Jewell James that represents a vision of 'All Our Relations' and that will be used to smudge the events.

 For millennia, salmon and the Snake and Columbia Rivers they call home sustained Indigenous peoples and cultures throughout the Northwest. Today, salmon returns are dismal and several Northwest Tribal Nations are calling on the federal government to uphold their commitments and restore abundant salmon. Support the All Our Relations Snake River Campaign by attending the following events and sharing with your friends and family.

Chairman Shannon Wheeler of the Nez Perce Tribe, explains: “Time is running out to protect our sacred salmon. This is a crisis that threatens our way of life, and it is a violation of our treaty rights. The federal government is failing to uphold the promises made to our ancestors when we ceded our lands.” 

Our elected officials have dallied and delayed long enough.

It is our Salish Sea,

not theirs.

This two-week, indigenous-led campaign has been organized to offer you the

opportunity at this critical time to stand up and make your voice heard for the salmon and

the First Nations Salmon People, the Southern Resident Killer Whales, the Salish Sea,

and all our relations into the Seventh Generation. 

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