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We Actively Engage Our Youth and Introduce 

Environmental  Stewardship

Through Meaningful Cultural Activities

Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment

 Who We Are and What We Believe...

We exist to carry on time-honored sustainable environmental practices in the tradition of the Nimiipuu by facilitating and organizing tribal youth and adults in activities for the protection, enhancement, and promotion of mother earth and the Nimiipuu culture.

Our vision is that the Nimiipuu and community members live, work, play, and pray, in an environment which sustains such activities and leaves a light foot-print for the protection of the environment and future generations.

Our Work:

To protect our Treaty areas and

To educate the tribal members and youth on current environmental issues.

To develop leaders in the environmental area for the next generation.

To promote activism within our tribes and To empower tribal members on effecting change.


Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment is a voice for the land, water and air. We gather to support positive environmental actions and to protest threats to our treaty right. We increases public awareness and encourage collective action.

Knowing that there is strength both in numbers and a common vision, Nimiipuu connects with other groups in the region who are dedicated to protecting the environment.


Nimiipuu organizes and/or hosts events to educate and engage the public. We work with elders and the young to facilitate intergenerational awareness and responsibility to protect what is sacred to us. We attract and develop environmental leaders for the coming generations.



The Dams aren't breached yet, we still need folks contacting their elected officials. More info here 

Visit: this link to find your House Representative and their contact.


Hey All we'll be at our Tribe's General Council meeting May 6, 7 and 8 at the Waayas Community Center, Kamiah, ID tabling and we have some great items from our group

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