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Healing Art

We are continuing our efforts to include an Artful Experience with 

Environmental  Stewardship

with Meaningful Cultural Activities

Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment
 Who We Are and What We Believe...

We exist to carry on time-honored sustainable environmental practices in the tradition of the Nimiipuu by facilitating and organizing tribal youth and adults in activities for the protection, enhancement, and promotion of mother earth and the Nimiipuu culture.

Our vision is that the Nimiipuu and community members live, work, play, and pray, in an environment which sustains such activities and leaves a light foot-print for the protection of the environment and future generations.

Our Work:

To protect our Treaty areas and

To educate the tribal members and youth on current environmental issues.

To develop leaders in the environmental area for the next generation.

To promote activism within our tribes and To empower tribal members on effecting change.


Join us at the Tipping Point for Salmon summit on June 24th and listen to activists and environmentalists discuss pressing issues surrounding orcas, salmon, dam breaching, wolves, and grizzlies! 

Where: Billy Frank Jr. Conference Center at Eco-Trust, Portland, OR 
When: Saturday, June 24th | 9 am - 3 pm
Free admission and free lunch!

Image by Andrew Ly


The gray wolf species in the Northern Rockies has faced its most severe threat in a century. While a lawsuit recently restored protections for wolves in 44 states, due to a series of administrative and legislative maneuvers over the past decade, wolves remain unprotected in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and portions of several adjacent states. It is time for these Northern Rockies states to end their hostility toward wolves.

Learn more and take Action to

Stop the Idaho Wolf Slaughter contact your elected oficials 

Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment supports the LGBTQ+ community 



Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment is a voice for the land, water and air. We gather to support positive environmental actions and to protest threats to our treaty right. We increases public awareness and encourage collective action.


Knowing that there is strength both in numbers and a common vision, Nimiipuu connects with other groups in the region who are dedicated to protecting the environment.

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Nimiipuu organizes and/or hosts events to educate and engage the public. We work with elders and the young to facilitate intergenerational awareness and responsibility to protect what is sacred to us. We attract and develop environmental leaders for the coming generations.