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Treaty Rights in a Changing Environment

March 17-18, 2017
The Red Lion Hotel // 621 21st St, Lewiston, ID 83501 MAP
Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment was proud to host the 2017 conference:Treaty Rights in a Changing Environment in Lewiston, Idaho. The conference aimed to bring about a deeper understanding of treaty rights and the responsibilities of tribal members and non-tribal members to respect, uphold and act according to those rights. It was also intended to foster relationships between tribal groups and environmental organizations to better work together on campaigns.

The conference highlighted real-world and real-time movements that exemplify the need to understand and uphold treaty rights, including: the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s fight to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline from degrading tribal lands and contaminating drinking water, to the Nez Perce Tribe’s fight to remove the four lower Snake River dams to recover native, wild salmon populations and restore the tribe’s treaty rights to fish the salmon as they have in their past, in their culture and tradition.
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